Mrs. Brown's Homeroom


1.  Do I have to do my homework even if I was not at school?

Mrs. Brown says:   "OF COURSE YOU do!  Even when you are away from school, you must take the time to call someone to ask them what happened at school that day.  Make it a habit to check the homework section of this website."


2.  Does spelling count?

Mrs. Brown says: "What class are you in?  English is ENGLISH.  You must always be mindful of grammar and spelling.  When in doubt, consult the dictionary!"


3.  Miss, can you read this writing?

Mrs. Brown says: "If you are actually wondering if I can read it, it is a good bet that I will be unable to do so.  Remember, if I can't READ it, I can't MARK it."


4.  Miss, my essay/story is four pages long, is that ok?

Mrs. Brown says: "I would imagine that would depend on a few things.  1. Did I ask for eight pages and you are sadly short of the required amount?  2.  Did I ask for a paragraph and you have hopelessly over extended yourself?   If either is the case, the answer is NO, it is not ok.  You must learn to follow guidelines!"


5.  Miss, I forgot my work at home; I will bring it in tomorrow.  Is that ok?

Mrs. Brown says: "No."


6.  But Miss! I did it, I SWEAR!  Please?

Mrs. Brown says: "Ok, but you will lose marks"


7.  Do have to skip lines?

Mrs. Brown says:  " It is easier for me to read, therefore MARK, when you skip lines.  The last thing in the world you want is for me to have a difficult time reading your work!"


8.  What happens if I forget to write my name on my work?

Mrs Brown says:  " You will lose one point.  Depending on how much the assignment is worth, it could be a lot!"


9.  Once I have finished the late assignment: to hand the work in,  do I just have to hunt you down wherever you may be in the school to thrust the pages under your nose?

Mrs. Brown says:  "Assignments may only be submitted IN CLASS.  The following places are NOT accepted:  in the hallway,  in the cafe, on the back plaza, in the gym, to the VP/principal/receptionist, in my mail box, on your way to class, on my way to class, in the parking lot, at Fairview, or on my way to the bathroom."